• Benedictines Monastery refurbishment and extension (2008)

    Benedictines Monastery refurbishment and extension

    Ist prize in a competition for the Museum of Bar Confederation. Project considers joint between 10century Monastery with completely modern museum digged in the foot of a base mountain. It is called museum between embracing walls of a monastery. Other parts are have more comercial use, concerning car park place situated on a vineyard hill and some single storay buildings providing a shelter and  facilities for tourists. Refurbishment of old school gets a new meaning by adding undergound space for events. From now on, project has been divided into several staged due to its complicity. First part "lapidarium" will start in 2011.

  • autor:
    Marek Rytych
    Kryzsytof Kryska
    Karol Pasternak
    Malgorzata Piotrowska
    proj.zieleni/ lanscape design 
    arch. kraj. Katarzyna Klimkowska
    arch. kraj Ewa Doboszynska
    Maciej Podlewski