• SPA centre (2011)

    SPA centre

    SPA and Wellness centre in Mlyn Klekotki in Poland.
    ones upon a time, an old barn was found in Niebrzydowice, very close to Myn Klekotki.
    crazy architects persuaded an investor to elevate it over the hill, thay thought it would to fly. or even sth more crazy than that...
    when old barn, 300m2, was build up on concrete walls and pales, investor asked for a place to make SPA magic...

    2 weeks of brainstorming and we had it

    New building sneeks into the old barn. As much as it is possible volume was generated thanks to new computering technologies. New doesnt touch old, and old doesnt ever dare to be new. All pieces stay as thay should but work together, keeping a common bond, creating a space to relax.

  • Building is going to be finished at the end of 2011.

    On you tube you can see animations and videos form building construction site.

  • autors:
    concept design:
    Marek Rytych
    Joanna Kiepas
    Karol Pasternak
    Malgorzata Piotrowska
    Maciej Podlewski

    building permission:
    Joanna Kiepas
    Karol Pasternak

    Karol Pasternak
    Malgorzata Piotrowska
    Jarek Jachna
    Piotr Maciaszek
    Maciek Kolka
    Karolina Kurpinska
    Agata Zolnowska